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portret of Wouter S.

Wouter S.

CEO | Founder | Brand Strategist | Creative Director

Wouter is the founder and CEO of Pixel Brand. Don't let his serious look fool you, because he loves to joke around and sometimes starts acting goofy out of the blue. His interests are as wide as the color spectrum itself, his imagination even bigger.

A philosopher in mind and a creative in heart. He's the kind of person that asks the big questions in life and yet enjoys the small things that come with it. Driven by his hunger to help others so they can do what they love to do.

His creative career started when he still was a toddler by drawing on the walls. He grew up being a huge Lego fan and a master builder. Opened Photoshop for the time when he was 13 years old and never closed it since. Studied many different creative fields like Graphic, Web & Motion design, Photography, 3D modeling and Desktop Publishing. He couldn't get enough so he learned business management, direct sales and (digital) marketing as well. All of that in a little over 15 years.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial microbe since 2018 changing his creative career forever. He started as a Brand Ambassador learning direct sales on the job. Shifted his focus back to design soon after and started building Pixel Brand to the company it is today.

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