De Delvers

De Delvers are a local seventy-eighties new-wave-punk band that mostly sing self-written Dutch songs. We had the pleasure to direct, film, and edit the video clip for De Delvers single "Poolnacht" in collaboration with Huisbinnenweg. We also designed the official cover used on Spotify and by several (Belgian) music platforms and radio stations.

Project info

De Delvers
Project director:
Wouter S. | Tom K.
Production year:
Project categories:
Cover design, Video production

Project briefing

The big goal for this project was creating an old super 8mm film effect to capture the mood and feeling De Delvers had in mind for their video clip. They also loved a more psychedelic approach in film style and transitions to really captivate the viewer into the song(text).

De Delvers Poolnacht Cover
De Delvers Spotify mock up
Video snapshot De Delvers and polar bear holding a heart
Video snapshot of a heart drifting on the shore
Video Snapshot with a man wearing a polar bear mask
Video Snapshot psychedelic polar bear
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