Strategy is like a game of chess,
it's all about planning your next move and the one after that.

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Our Process

Coffee and Project Briefing

Our first talk!
We are delighted to meet you and listen to all your needs. It allows us to ask what your project is all about and you the chance to ask us any questions you might have.

We do so in a relaxed environment with some coffee, casual talking, and some fun while enjoying every moment of our first talk.

Our Proposal & Pricing

After our talk, we fit all the info from your project briefing into a Proposal.

Our proposals cover the project scope, project goals, ROI, project duration/dates, case studies from previous clients, a project roadmap, project pricing, and payment options.Proposals are valid for 30 days to give you all the time you need or adjust if necessary.

On agreement, we'll make it official by signing both on the dotted lines of our Pixel Brand Contract containing all the project details covered in our proposal.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy exists out of several strategy sessions. Each session comes with its own subject to cover. During these sessions, we pinpoint your current branding pain points and present you with different solutions; and/or make a long-term roadmap to roll out your new brand.

A few examples of what we cover are persona profile(s), target audience, tone of voice, social media strategy, website sales funnel, marketing strategy, brand design, your brand's gut feeling, your story as an entrepreneur, and so much more!

Brand Design

During our design process, we transform strategy into pixels and pixels into your brand messaging.

Above all, we value your creative input the most to create a brand that feels and looks like it's yours.

Stylescapes - Moodboards

We start by designing 2 to 3 stylescapes based on all the information we gained from our strategy sessions and your creative input.

What is a stylescape?

A stylescape is a digitally designed moodboard that helps us define and refine the style of your brand visuals. Styles can be anything like Minimal, Vintage, Urban, Modern, Futuristic, ...

With 2 or 3 proposed stylescapes, you have the choice in how your brand will look. It also helps as a control point to see if we're on the right track.

Logo (Re)Design

This is where the magic happens; we (re)create the recognition point of your brand. The one thing everyone will recognize anywhere and link it to you and your brand.

It's your logo!

We design and propose at least 3 logos for your brand, yes, even for a rebrand!

The logos are all designed with the chosen style(scape) in mind to present your brand in the best way possible.

Identity Design

Here we refine and define your brand identity. It's important to know which colors, fonts, images s and illustrations will be used for your brand messaging.
Consistency and repetitions create familiarity. When your brand feels familiar to your potential clients, they are more likely to become your clients.

We design a complete Identity guide with all the "do's and don'ts" for your brand, so everyone knows how to use your brand assets correctly.

Digital Design

Now that we have clear visuals and a style for your brand, we can start designing things like your website, social media, apps, ads, vlogs, blogs, and dogs.

Maybe not that last one.

Still, this is the step where we prepare everything for your brand that is displayed in pixels.

We also provide bite-size social media workshops so you can become the content creator you always wanted to be!

Graphic Design

Some things can stand the test of time; graphic design is one of those things. We love to design anything that will be printed.

We transform those pixels into dots and guarantee high quality for all your printed materials. We design anything from business cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, magazines, books, papers, envelopes, T-shirts, etc.

You name it, we make it!


This is where everything we designed becomes yours. We bundle all files into lovely "kits" so you can easily find what you need. Some examples are a social media kit, a web kit, brand kit, Identity kit, logo kit, etc.

We keep our own backups of your files just in case and advise you to do the same.

We also provide the service for finding the best printing companies that fit your brand's budget. Quite handy if you ask me!

Brand Strategy

To successfully build a business you need a business plan. We help you to define that business plan and guide you towards a unique and viable brand. A few of the things we do are finding out who your target audience, how to talk to them, which marketing channels you need, risk assessment, define your brand's mission, vision, guidelines and so much more!

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Brand Visuals

Together we'll define how your brand will look on the in and outside. It's all about creating an identity for your business that resonates with you and even more important with your audience and clients.Over the years we've developed our own unique design process to help us define your style. We'll take care of your Logo, corporate identity, social media, website and much, much more!

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Coaching & Supervison

We love to share what we've learned with you; so when you struggle, and you will we'll jump in and rescue the situation.We also keep a close eye on the progress of your freelance dreamteam. We supervise all your marketing & design related aspects for your business, so you can focus on building your business.

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