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Our Vision

Here at Pixel Brand, we question everything; we are the modern philosophers, the people who think before they act. We ask ourselves those really life puzzling, mind-boggling questions like "what came first, the egg or the chicken." Then our minds spin out of control, asking what is an egg, what defines a chicken, why do they have wings if they can't fly, ...

Yeah, well, anyway, let's move on.

Our second cornerstone in life is to do what we love, and we love helping people. To be more specific, we help you, so you can help others with what you love to do, so everyone is happy! Amazing right?

As our third anchor, we don't take things too seriously. We enjoy having a good time, relax, take it easy, live a little. We appreciate every moment, the good and the bad. The good moments let us know what we need more of, and the bad teaches us where to improve.

As our fourth foundation, we love to teach, share our insights and perspectives with everyone. Two minds are always better as one, right?

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Our Blog

Our Mission

Creating brands that touch people's hearts and souls, that feel good in your gut, brands you and I love to be part of. Also, to drink coffee with as many people as possible while listening to their stories.

You could say our mission is to listen to you and sip on a cup of coffee; yeah, we know it's lazy.

So, where does the action come into play?

That would be after we listened to your story. We are curious; to ease that hunger, we start asking questions, questions that you might have never had to answer before. Something along the lines like "what's your favorite color or what are your hobbies." Yeah, those question that will make us the best of friends!
There might also be some more meaningful things, like "what is your mission or how do you envision the world." Once our hunger is set, we can start working on your heart-touching brand.

If your gut is telling you, "I need more," you can read about everything we can do for you by clicking below.

What We Do
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