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De Delvers

Fun to work with Wouter, great work, endless creativity. Love how he works, always on time, great behind the camera.

Four Aces Guitar Qaurtet

We got to know Wouter through his work for De Delvers. What immediately appealed to us in their clips and browsing Wouter's portfolio was his talent to capture a wide variety of ambiances "spot on." Without a doubt, we thought he would be the man to perfectly pour our identity of a classic group with "a touch of rock' n roll" into a corporate identity and logo, as well as capture our promo film. Regardless of the fact that Wouter is a nice guy, he respects the customer and listens to all your wishes, no matter how small or large they are and with the available budget in mind. The fact that he thinks along and thinks ahead in terms of the best possible result for both short and long terms results turns him into a top professional. We are therefore delighted and proud of the results we received and this in "no time."
This collaboration tastes like more and will be continued!

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